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The confession of a simple girl who has a love for words.

I am a girl, and I don’t have a religion, but a billion of believes. I’ve been reading books since I’m 5 years old and I know words. Words are my best friends, I guess. Right there, everywhere. I respect people because we are all the same and we deserve the best treatment. I get angry at people saying shit way too fast. But I am stubborn too and I have my flaws… When I think I’m right, people better agree with me because I know things and I’m conviced about it. I am smart and selfish, and attracted to people and their beautiful hearts. I see wonders everywhere because I go with feelings. So if I meet something that feels like me, I might just wanna try. I just love adventures, and making plans, and taking risks and just living life to the fullest. I am conviced that life deserve to be a dream. A dream we’ll tell our grandchilds, just being proud to remember these beautiful times. With words, always come tears but I’m a warrior and my head is like a rock, ready to save me. Tears don’t afraid me anymore. I secretly pray for respect, honesty and loyalty, and most important : love. Because this world is a world of love. People can hate each others all around the world, but the world is mainly filled with people loving each others, being friends and enjoying this wonderful opportunity of being happy. Which is the most important thing to oneself health’s. I believe in the magical cure that love can be. I wish the world would praise with me, the beautiful life and our mystical way of being who we are… Similar, but different, always. We are marvellous. One beautiful creation. Why hate ? Why wars ? I guess those are only childish questions, but those are mine and I wish there were someone to answer me. But life is all about finding your own answers, and getting to discover souls and feelings and love, is a very hard trip. But it’s worth the fight. I can easily fall into tears when I think about my memories, not because I truly miss this time, but because I know it has its importance to me, and that I will cherish everything about this magical memory. Life is better with love, smiles and words. You’ll find yourself cause everyone can make its own way. There is no doubt about it. Every way is THE way.

I am just a simple girl who has a love for words, and I hide many treasures in my chest.

Wild Hearts can’t be broken. Mine is suffering from the loss of a beloved one. I already miss this Wild Heart. Wild Hearts can’t be broken, but nothing can save us from death.
just the most wonderful thing i have ever seen